Rell Reiterates: No endorsement for Fedele

On a Monday when he could definitely use some good news, Lt. Governor Michael Fedele didn’t get it.   Today Governor Rell said once again she would not endorse him in his run for the Republican gubernatorial nomination.  Rell told Channel 3’s Susan Raff today she won’t endorse anybody.  She wants the people to decide and said that  was the decision of the convention.

Fedele came in a distant second to former ambassador to Ireland Tom Foley, who has been running with an outsider message.   After losing the party endorsement to Foley, Fedele told Channel 3’s Hallie Jackson that Foley is hardly an outsider because of his government experience as ambassador.

The refusal of the Governor to endorse her running mate is becoming a bit of a campaign issue.  We’re told on Friday and Saturday some Foley supporters were reminding convention delegates that Fedele doesn’t even have the support of the woman who chose him to be lieutenant governor.

Where does Fedele go from here?   It is obvious his role as a loyal dutiful soldier  in the administration of a popular governor didn’t help him with the delegates and hasn’t helped him in the polls, either.    Will he try to run as an outsider with a message of “hey, I’m only the lieutenant governor, I had nothing to do with this budget mess.” 

We talked about this on “Face the State” with analysts Duby McDowell and Brian Flaherty, and Tom Dudchik of ctcapitolreport.com

Here’s the link: http://www.wfsb.com/video/23656548/index.html

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  1. It might have been nice if you mentioned that one of your commentators had publicly endorsed Tom Foley.


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