Katy Perry, My Daughter’s Poison or J. Geils


Kara Sundlun and I took our daughter to her first concert, Katy Perry at the Mohegan Sun resort. The show was awesome. Perry played to her fans, and the light extravaganza and costume changes were nothing short of amazing. Best part of the night? The look of excitement on my daughter’s face. Helena is a big Katy Perry fan, and even dressed as her for Halloween.




There were plenty of little girls there and some younger than our 7 year old. Times certainly have changed. I wish my parents had taken me to a Doors concert when I was Helena’s age, but I actually didn’t see my first concert until I was 15, J. Geils at the Boston Garden. Ditto in the age department for Kara, who went to see Poison at the Joe Louis Arena in Detroit.



Enjoy some more pictures taken by Terri @mommyof2stars on Twitter




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4 Responses to Katy Perry, My Daughter’s Poison or J. Geils

  1. Terri says:

    One of the best concerts I’ve been to in a long time!! I’m glad you enjoyed the pictures!

  2. Dennis House says:

    Great pictures, Terri!!! Thank you for sharing

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